Menopause Quiz

Q1:Menopause is defined as:

A 2 or more irregular periods after age 40

B The start of hot flashes

C No menstrual period for 12 consecutive months

D An increase in mood swings


Q2:The average age of menopause is:

A 51

B 60

C 55

D 49


Q3:The most characteristic symptom of menopause is:

A Hot flashes

B It varies from woman to woman

C Mood swings

D Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse


Q4:Menopause increases health risks like:

A Heart Disease

B Sexually transmitted diseases

C Osteoporosis

D A and C


Q5:The most accurate test to determine if a woman is in peri-menopausal is:

A Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) blood test

B Complete blood count (CBC)

C Urinalysis

D None of the above


Q6:Which of the following are proven alternative therapies for menopause symptoms:

A Black cohosh

B Plant estrogens

C Herbals

D None of the above


Q7:During perimenopause, some doctors may prescribe which treatment?

A Hormone therapies (HT)

B Birth control pills

C Benzodiazepines

D A or B


Q8:Which is NOT a usual symptom of menopause?

A Night sweats

B Back pain

C Headaches

D Anxiety


Q9:If menopause occurs in a woman younger than ___ years, it is considered to be premature.

A 40

B 45

C 50

D 30


Q10:Which factors can affect the timing of menopause?

A Surgical removal of the ovaries

B Chemotherapy and radiation

C Medication

D Answers A & B


Q11:Hot flashes can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

• True

• False


Q12:About 15%-28% of postmenopausal women can still bear children.

• True

• False


Q13:As a result of menopause, which of the following is LEAST likely to occur?

A Decreased estrogen levels

B Vaginal atrophy

C Osteoporosis

D Osteoarthritis


Q14:”Male menopause” is sometimes described as a condition referred to as low testosterone or low T:

• True

• False


Q15:Menopause decreases a woman’s risk for depression.

• True

• False



Q1:C, Q2:A, Q3:B, Q4:D, Q5:D, Q6:D, Q7:D, Q8:B, Q9:A, Q10:D, Q11:FALSE, Q12:FALSE, Q13:D, Q14:TRUE and Q15:FALSE.


This information is provided by MedicineNet.