Hormone Replacement Therapy

Is Hormone Therapy right for you?

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women:

Did you know that a Healthy woman in her early 20’s has 15-20 times more Testosterone that Estrogen

Did you know that a 35 year old woman has less than half the amount of Testosterone that that of a healthy woman in her early 20’s?

Dr. Mark Scroggins is one of the areas leading Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialists. Given the above facts, perhaps you can see why it is imperative that you learn the true role of Testosterone in your body.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Bedford Texas for WomenHormones rejuvenate, regenerate and restore. They serve as powerful chemical messengers sent to specific cells throughout your body to orchestrate many of your body’s internal functions and how your organs behave. Even a small fluctuation in levels can cause big changes in cells or even disrupt the balance throughout your entire body. Too much or too little of a hormone can have serious consequences.

NOTE: This is another reason to be cautious when selecting hormone
replacement therapy. The goal should always be hormonal balance and based in science rather than experimentation or guessing. Many therapies merely attempt to replenish estrogen and/or progesterone and testosterone but never achieve homeostasis. And too many physicians lack the expertise or knowledge to attain the proper outcome.

Dr. Scroggins uses the HORMONE PELLETS witch provides precise individualized dosing based on more than 35 years of research.

Why do I need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Any endocrinologist will tell you that hormonal balance equates to health which makes Hormone Replacement Therapy your best option. Research continues to indicate that hormones are key to the intricate interrelationships of the body’s parts and systems. They play a pivotal role in your overall health.

You can see why hormone fluctuation and depletion during perimenopause, menopause and andropause wreak havoc in the body. Research evidence repeatedly points to the relationship between the hormonal imbalance of menopause and andropause and an increased risk for developing cancer, osteoporosis, stroke, thyroid malfunction and other age-related disorders.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Bedford TexasIt’s actually considered the norm for men and women to experience a decline in health at this stage of the aging process. Without Hormone Replacement Therapy you’re also more likely to experience problems like depression, anxiety, memory loss, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, libido issues, and sexual dysfunction, to name just a few.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Bedford Texas

Hormone Replacement Therapy protects your Brain, Bones, Breast & Heart.

Think of hormones as your bodies messengers traveling through your body, telling your nerves and organs what to do. A twenty year old healthy woman has buckets of hormones flowing through her body enabling her body to properly instruct her organs and nerves. We all know that as we age, we produce less hormones. This means our bodies are operating with less messengers, less instructions for our organs to function. This is about the time we start to experience disease. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a game changer. We get to turn the tables on aging and disease by giving our bodies back the instructions it once had.

Indications you may be a candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Itchiness
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Mental Fogginess/Forgetfulness
  • Decreased Sex Drive

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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Bedford Texas for MenDr. Mark Scroggins is the leading Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist in Bedford Texas.